A walk in the park and weather update 25 October 2010.

Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria)

With some necessary maintenance work taking part on parts of the weather station it is an opportune time to share a couple of photos with readers of my blog following a recent trip to Nottinghamshire (October 2010).

As usual I was looking for different forms of fungi as their form and colouring fascinate me.  I would caution readers, however, not to pick or attempt to eat any of the fungi they come across as many are poisonous.

Pictured above is the Fly Agaric which comes with a reputation of being deadly.  

The author John Wright in his book “Mushrooms” states that you would need to eat 70Kg to cause any serious damage.  I, for one however, are not going to try to either prove or disprove this theory!   

 From my point of view they are just a beautiful piece of nature that I like to photograph and then leave alone.  I note that brownhillsbob came across a similar species during one of his recent walks.  You can see Brownhills Bob’s article entitled “Perfection” by following the blue link.

Snowy Waxcap

I also liked this small cluster for the way that the brilliant white of the mushroom stood out against the contrasts of the ground cover.

The Snowy Waxcap (meadow waxcap) is not poisonous.

There is, however,  a species that looks very similar called Fool’s Funnel and the two can be easily mistaken for the other.  I am unable to tell the difference between the two with a guide-book.

My final picture is of part of the local  lake which looked magnificent in the autumn sunlight. 

A lake in Rufford, Nottinghamshire

The autumnal light, the reflection of the trees in the water and the changing colours of the trees, I believe, only enhance this idyllic scene.  

I hope that you have enjoyed this brief move away from our usual weather blog and I hope to have other photo-articles appearing soon.  

I have some ideas planned and I hope to publish a more local photo-article soon.

In the meantime back to the weather at 20:26 hours on the 25 October 2010:-

Air pressure : 1029mb

Temperature : 2.9c

Wind : Light

Forecast :  Tonight will remain mostly dry and cold, however the cloud will increase and bring rain in from the west through the early hours.  It appears that the rain will be clearing the country and so we can expect rain at anytime during the day tomorrow.

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