Feels cold? Weather report 13 December 2010

Readings taken 06:24 Hammerwich, Staffordshire

Air pressure : 1028mb

Temperature : 3.6c

Wind : 1 mph ENE

Relative humidity 81%

Forecast : A slightly misty start which may be more dense in patches.  This along with the low-level cloud will clear as the morning passes to give us the occasional glimpse of the sun.

With the wind coming from a generally northerly direction it will feel a lot colder than the thermometer suggests.  The thermometer will indicate a high in the region of 4c, however, it will feel more like -1 0r -2c at times.

The rain radar shows there are no rain carrying clouds in our region at the moment and so we can expect a dry start to the day.  if the picture changes I will update you all via twitter.

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