Snow today? Weather report 16 December 2010

Observations taken 06:29 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire

Air pressure : 1013mb

Temperature : 6.1c

Wind : 8Kmh

Relative humidity : 92%

Forecast : Today will start warm but breezy, however, the day will quickly change.  By around 7.30am rain moves into our area and we see the first of a couple of bands of rain.  The first one will be light but the second, around 10am, will be much heavier.

By noon the temperature will have fallen to only 2c as the wind direction is expected to move from the West to one from the North.  This will make temperatures feel much colder than the actual 2c .  By early evening, drive time, temperatures will be well below freezing and with all of the rain we can expect icy conditions on all routes.

From around noon onwards to early evening the rain could turn to snow and, if it does, some of the fall could be heavy. 

Clearly conditions can change very quickly and will try to keep you posted via twitter of any changes that I see.

The combinations of the freezing roads and snow could make travel conditions very difficult.

By early evening the clouds will move away leaving us with freezing temperatures and a overninght freeze of around -4 to -5c.

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