When will it snow? Weather report 18 December 2010

Observations made 07:30 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire

Air pressure : 988mb

Temperature : -2.7c

Wind : light SE (Less than 1Kmh)

Relative humidity : 97%

Forecast : Today will remain cold with a top temperature not exceeding freezing point and it will more than  likely remain at around -2c.  Care, therefore, needs to be taken on all roads and paths as icy conditions will be predominant.

Radar images show a large snow cloud covering our area until around noon.  Currently the darkest park of the image (the cloud with most density) appears to be in our area between 09:30 and 10:00.  We can, however, expect light snow at any time during the morning. 

During the afternoon we may see a little more brightness, however, it will still remain bitterly cold with the wind possibly moving from a South East to a Easterly direction.

Overnight temperatures will remain below freezing and care should be taken if you are out celebrating the festive season.

Yesterday the Met office issued a warning that high-heeled shoes would be unsuitable for walking on the icy paths. I think, I will just let commonsense prevail!

Whilst the snow and icy conditions remain I will try to keep updates flowing via twitter throughout the day. (@WS7weather).

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