Snow report, 19 December 2010.

Observations made 08:19 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.

Air pressure : 993mb

Temperature : -6.1c

Wind : 1Kmh (NE)

Relative humidity :96%

Forecast : Overnight we had temperature of around -10c and, therefore, the fallen snow is now hard and icy.  This does not lead to good underfoot conditions.  It is another day of “stay inside if you can”.

We are unlikely to see a return of the snow fall we received yesterday and instead we will see some much brighter spells.  This may appear pretty but temperatures will still fail to rise above freezing and the maximum is more likely to be around -2c.

A little more cloud will gather tonight which may introduce a small flurry but, at the moment, this is unlikely. 

I will, however, monitor the radar images and update you as I did yesterday via twitter as the picture develops. I hope you found this service useful at the time. 

 Temperatures overnight will fall to around -12c.  As an aside it was -16c in Pereshore, Worcestershire last night.

Overall a very cold day with lots of frozen snow and ice to contend with.

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