A new weather problem today? Weather report 20 December 2010

Observations taken 06:28 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.

Air pressure : 999mb

Temperature : -9.4c

Wind: 0Kmh

Relative humidity : 93%

Forecast: Today will remain extremely cold with a maximum temperature of around -4 to -5C.  Overnight the temperature fell to -10.2c although I did have to go to Sutton Coldfield at 02:30 and the temperature gauge on the car showed -12c when I was near Sutton Park.  I do not, however, know the accuracy of the thermometer on the car.  

Road conditions continue to remain extremely  difficult with large parts of the network remaining icy and snow covered.  This seems to be a particular problem in the Walsall area.

We will, possibly, have to deal with a new hazard today – mist or fog.  With the core temperature of the earth so low any daytime warmth could mean that the water evaporation will condense and turn to mist or fog.

It will be a difficult day as roads will remain icy, however at this stage, there are no snow clouds in our area (nearest Leicester to the east and to south Stratford).  I will update the position, however, as the images develop throughout the day via twitter.

Winds will remain extremely light today and any whisper of a breeze that we do get will come from a ESE direction.  This lack of wind will also help maintain the fog or mist conditions.

For updates follow me on twitter @WS7weather.

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