More snow today? Weather report 22 December 2010

Observations made at 06:14 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire

Air pressure : 1005mb

Temperature : -1.9c

Wind : 1Kkm (NNE)

Relative humidity : 95%

Today – currently we are sitting in the centre of a horseshoe shaped cloud formation.  The outer edges of the horseshoe all containing snow.  To the north (Derby), south (Solihull) and east (Leicester) of us snow flurries are possibly already falling.

Unfortunately, the horseshoe will close on us around 07:00 and from that time onwards we can expect light to moderate snow showers.  The current radar images only allow me to see 3-4 hours ahead and it would appear that the conditions remain with us for all of this period, however, I will try to keep a view on the changing situation and report back via twitter (@WS7weather).

The radar images only show a few areas of dense snow clouds and, hopefully, the fall will not cause too much major disruption.  Time will tell particularly as some of this snow will fall on already frozen ground.

With all of the cloud cover temperatures will be higher than of late and we can expect a high of around -1c.

As I have said above the picture is likely to change as the day develops and the danger is when making a judgement on a snap shot is that you protract to far forward situations that are subject to change.  Therefore, I will do all I can (work permitting) today to keep the situation updated via twitter.

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