Baby it’s cold outside! Weather report 24 December 2010

Observations made 06:25 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.

Air pressure : 1019mb

Temperature : -1.6c

Wind : 6Kmh (NNW)

Wind chill temperature : -3.6c

Today: The good news for all of you that are travelling around to see relatives and to the shops  is that road conditions should not be disrupted by any additional adverse weather today.  We should be mindful, however, that pavements and roads are still suffering with ice and snow and extra care should be taken walking, driving and riding.

The day will be quite a contrast to those we have got used to over the last week as we will see some periods of sunshine!  This sun will not be sufficient, however, to melt the lying snow and ice as temperatures will not get above zero.

With a steady NNW breeze the temperature will feel more like -3c or -4c for most of the daylight hours. Overnight these temperatures will fall to -7c or -8c.  This will leave us with a hard frost, possibly fog and icy conditions for Christmas morning.

As some of you may be travelling further away from the Lichfield area to see relatives over Christmas I will extend my forecast a little further today.  On the radar I see snow in the northern parts of Scotland and on the Yorkshire coast.  This does not look too heavy and should be completed by mid-day. 

Happy Christmas to you all and I will update you via twitter if there are any changes in our area.

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