Christmas day Weather 2010

Observations made 09:27 Hammerwich, Staffordshire.

Air pressure : 1029mb

Temperature : -5.3c

Wind : 2Kmh (WNW)

Relative humidity : 91%

Today : Firstly, can I wish you all a very happy Christmas! The village is looking a picture covered in snow.  I will try to add some images later.

As you may have heard on the national news December 2010 looks set to be the coldest since records began.  Today is no exception as the maximum is unlikely to rise above -3c.

Clearly, roads and pavements are likely to be icy and special care is needed today as there will be plenty of black ice about.

We will see plenty of bright sky and this coupled with cool core temperature of the earth’s surface means that the temperature will fall after dark.  Tonight we can expect a low of around -8c.

On the 26th the pressure charts show that an area of low pressure is moving into the area which may lead to rain, sleet or even more snow.  I will keep you updated on the progress of this system.

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