Boxing Day views of Hammerwich and weather report.

Boxing day 2010

Hammerwich sheep trying to graze - Boxing Day 2010

Observations made 08:50 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire

Air pressure : 1028mb

Temperature : -5.6c

Wind speed : 4Kmh (SSW)

Temperature with wind chill : -7.4c

Relative humidity : 95%

Today : We may, once again, see a glimpse of the sun although it will be brief as cloud cover will increase from the west as the day goes by.

An increase in cloud cover, however, does bring with it benefits as temperatures will rise a little.  During the day we can expect a maximum by late afternoon of around -3c although overnight, coupled with a southerly breeze,  temperatures will be nearer zero centigrade.

Once again we need to be mindful of icy roads and pavements as they have not had any chance to properly thaw. 

Pressure charts show that in the next 24 – 48 hours we can expect some wintry snow showers although, as I always say, it is too early to predict how our area is effected. I will keep you posted on developments as they become a little clearer.

If you are going to the sales then you will need to wrap up warm and tread carefully.  If, however, you are going to the Molyneux to watch Wolverhampton Wanderers then I hear that some parts of the stands have frozen pipes and, therefore, have only limited temporary toilet and little hot drinks facilities.  The advice is to take with you a flask.  I think they mean containing tea or coffee not a hip flask!

Overton Lane, Hammerwich. Boxing day 2010

The view from Pingle Lane, Hammerwich across the fields. Boxing Day 2010.

Hammerwich CC - Boxing Day 2010

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