Weather report 30 December 2010

Observations taken 07:45 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire

Air pressure : 1024mb

Temperature : 3.9c

Wind : 2mph from the NNE

Relative humidity : 100%

Rain today : 0.2mm

Rain last 24 hours : 0.6mm

Forecast : Statistically if you said that “today the weather will be the same as yesterday” 80% of the time you would be correct.  This is a case in point.

Our area will be covered, throughout the day, with a veil of mist or in some parts fog.  This could make driving conditions hazardous in low-lying places.  I think, particularly, if you are due to travel on the M42 or the M5.  My experience shows that these are both prone to having dense fog patches in places.  Care is needed.

Temperatures will remain positive and we should expect a high of around 5-6c.  Temperatures will also remain positive throughout the night.

Light rain or drizzle can be expected to fall at anytime during the day although the total quantity will not be of any great measure.

There is a small amount of lying water under the railway bridge in Hall Lane, Hammerwich although this will not stop traffic passing through.

 I will update any changing conditions via twitter throughout the day.

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