WS7 weather report 23 January 2011.

Air pressure : 1037.1mb

Temperature : 4.4c

Wind : 1mph (NNW)

Relative humidity : 88%

Measured rain since 00:01 : 0mm

Rain this month : 30.4mm

Forecast for the day.

Today will be mostly cloudy and grey although we may get to see the odd glimpse of the sun from time to time. 

The benefit of this cloud cover is that temperatures will stay at the average for this time of year at around 5c.  Overnight they will fall to around freezing.

The wind will continue, all day, from a N or NNW direction and that will make it feel chilly in the occasional gusts.  Overall wind speeds will remain light with a maximum speed of around 10mph.

Pressure charts  show that the current ridge of high pressure remains over us for a few more days yet.  So we can expect a continuation of more average January weather for a few more days yet.

The atlantic  jet stream does dip below the UK on Tuesday and this was one of the conditions that brought the heavy snow to us late last year.  However, the atmospheric conditions are not similar this time and unless there is a dramatic change then the event will go un-noticed apart from the wind feeling a little cooler.

In summary.  Cloudy and grey.  Top 5c.

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