WS7 weather report 25 January 2011.

Air pressure : 1020.4mb (falling)

Temperature : 6.3c

Wind : 3mph (WSW – W)

Wind chill temperature (feels like) : 5c

Rain this month : 30.4 mm

Forecast for today.  With falling air pressure and a change in wind direction today will be the start of a new phase for the weather.

Radar images show rain clouds are moving into our area from the NW and could bring some light rain or drizzle at any time during the day after 07:00 hours.

The wind will remain from a similar (W) direction all day and speeds will be moderate at around 5-8mph. We may get the odd gust later in the day of 20mph but this will not be significant or cause damage.

The shift in wind direction from the North  to a more Westerly directionis another  indicator that we are to be under the influence of the jet stream and, are, therefore, today we are more likely to have damper weather (but not necessarily heavy rain).

Today temperatures will be around 7c and will only fall slightly to around 4c overnight.

The position of the jet stream and air pressure are very important factors when trying to forecast the weather and currently they indicate that in the next few days we could be in for a cooler period.  Currently this does not look like it will be as severe as mid December.  I will monitor and report via this page or twitter as the picture emerges.

Summary. Occasional damp, cloudy, top 7c.

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