WS7 weather report 29 January 2011.

Air pressure : 1024.7mb

Temperature : -1.4c

Wind : 1mph (NE – NNE)

Wind chill temperature (feels like) : -2c

Relative humidity : 81%

Rain since 00:01 hours : 0mm

Rain this month : 33mm

Forecast for today.

A cold and chilly start today and it may be necessary to scrape off frost from your car first thing this morning after the overnight temperature fell to -3c.

Cloud cover will remain with us for most of the day and this will keep things a little “grey” and winter like.  Top temperature during the day is likely to be only around 1-2c as the jet stream is now above the country and is pushing cold area down from the north (NNE -NE).

I expect the day to remain dry for us and, looking at the radar  images, only a few showers are expected across the country as a whole.

Tonight temperatures will again fall below zero and will reach lows similar to last night at around -2c.

As the week progresses I can see some changes ahead with a fall in air pressure and tightening isobars.  This generally indicates increases in wind speed and some rain.  i will monitor this and report, as always, on a daily basis.

Summary for today.

A cold but dry day.

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