WS7 weather report 30 January 2011.

Hammerwich village a month ago - December 2010

Observations made 08:24 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.

Air pressure : 1025.2mb

Temperature : 0.4c

Wind : Calm

Relative humidity : 77%

Rain since 00:01 hours : 0mm

Rain this month : 33mm

Forecast for today.

January 2011 has been a lot drier than average with us receiving  just over 50% of the rainfall we would normally expect during the month (around 60mm).  Today will not help change this trend.  It is hard to think that only a month ago the area was covered in snow, as the picture above reminds us, as we head into a similar day to yesterday.

The rain radar images does show some rain cloud to the north of us but it does not look, at present, as if it will reach our area.  I, therefore, believe that today will be another totally dry day.

Cloud cover will remain throughout although it does thin a little after lunch and we may get a glimpse of the sun for a while, other wise it will be another generally dull day.

Temperatures will maintain low and the top we can expect is around 2c during the day.  This will fall to just below freezing overnight. 

The isobars are currently wide apart at the moment which indicates that the wind will be light all day although any light breeze will remain from a NW to  N direction.

The jet stream changes position and will sit across the county from sometime around Tuesday.  This will mean that our more normal west to east pattern will return and with it the opportunity for inclement weather.  If and when the changes come is a little too early to predict at the moment (for me) with any accuracy.

Summary : Dry and cold.

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