WS7 weather report for Hammerwich, Lichfield, Burntwood, Brownhills, Bloxwich and Pelsall areas (21 April 2012)

Observations made 06:55 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.

Air pressure : 993.8mb

Temperature : 3.2c

Wind : 4 mph SW

Relative humidity : 93%

Rain since 00:01 hours : 0mm

Rain last 24 hours : 3mm

Sunrise / sunset : 05:40/ 20:03 hours

Forecast for today.

The jet stream is now sitting firmly on the southern edge on the UK.  (see image 1) This is allowing the cooler northern climate to dominate across the UK. 

With this jet stream positioning we will see more bright spells and a little less cloud than of late.  When the cloud does, however, gather we will have some isolated showers.  Some of these showers could be heavy.

The rain radar images show that rain is currently falling to the north of us and our first risk of an isolated shower comes at around 10:00 hours.  The risk of rain will be in our area mostly during the mid afternoon and early evening.

The wind, which is currently from the SW, will move a few degrees towards the W.  It will average a speed of around 6mph. 

Despite the sunshine temperatures will only rise to a maximum of around 9-10c and overnight they will fall to around 3c.  For the third night on the run gardeners will need to protect their young and tender plants. 

The GFS ensemble minimum / maximum temperature forecast model (see image 2) for our area does show some slight temperature rise over the couple of weeks, however, not enough to suggest that we do not need to be vigilant about night-time temperatures.  You will see from the image 2 the slight curve upwards of the maximum daytime temperatures towards 15-16c but night-time temperatures are still dipping below 4c (and and some days even towards 1-2c).


A bright but cool day with occasional showers.  Some of the showers may be heavy.

Image 1 – Jet stream position.


Image 2 – GFS Ensemble Min – Max temperature forecast.

Net-weather GFS Ensemble graph


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