WS7 weather report for Hammerwich, Lichfield, Burntwood, Brownhills, Bloxwich and Pelsall areas (22 April 2012)

Observations made 08:06 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.

Air pressure : 1000.8mb

Temperature : 6.8c

Wind : 6 mph SW

Relative humidity : 93%

Rain since 00:01 hours : 0mm

Rain last 24 hours : 0.8mm

Sunrise / sunset : 05:38/ 20:04 hours

Forecast for today.

Looking back at my records over the last two years show that on this day we were enjoying some bright and dry spells.  In 2010 we were in the midst of a 20 day dry spell whilst in 2011 temperatures were above 20c.  Nothing similar is going to happen today on either account today.

We will see some occasional brighter spells this morning but rain showers will begin to be a treat to our area from late morning through to early evening.  Some of the showers could be heavy, however, as we have experienced over the last few days the rainfall is very isolated and local.

Temperatures will climb up to around 10c and overnight it will fall to around 4-5c.

The wind will be blowing from the SW-WSW at an average speed of around 8mph.  This will make the air temperature feel a degree or so colder than it actually is.

The jet stream position seems to be pretty stable over the next couple of days and so the outlook for Monday and Tuesday remains as a similar pattern to today.  Good news for gardeners but not great news for those who just want to get out and about and enjoy some sunshine.


Mostly cloudy with occasional bright spells.  Some rain showers likely during the day.

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