Cool overnight?


The low pressure system we discussed in yesterday’s post is now heading towards the NE and, by tonight, we will be under the influence of a high pressure system.  This means we will see some slight improvement in the general weather conditions over the next day or so.

Today, however, will start off dull and we are still likely to see the occasional shower.  These showers will be lighter than yesterday and will appear anytime from lunchtime to evening drive time.  The showers will be localised.

As the day passes we will see some fragmentation in the cloud and this will bring the odd brighter spell.  Overnight the cloud cover will, once again, completely dissipate.

During the day our maximum temperature will be around 16-17c, however, the big difference tonight is that our minimum will be as low as 8c.  This will the coldest overnight temperature for a few weeks.

Winds will start from the SW but will shift, as the day passes, towards the NW.  The winds will have an average speed of 8mph with gusts doubling that speed.

Today’s Summary.

Occasional showers and cool overnight.

Observations made at 06:32  hours in  Hammerwich, Staffordshire.

Air pressure : 1010.1mb; Temperature : 13c; Wind : 3MPH SW; Relative humidity : 97%; Rain last 24 hours : 4mm.

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