Jet Stream Over Scotland.


At the moment the jet stream is currently taking a path across the northern parts of the UK.  This will bring rain to Scotland but for the remainder of us we will remain dry throughout the day.  Our area is currently sitting in the middle of a high pressure system and this system will remain with us for a few more days yet.

Early cloud will thin further and eventually dissipate to leave our area with some long and bright spells.  The temperature at 15:00 hours will peak at around 19-20c.  Overnight, under another clear sky, the minimum temperature will reach a low of around 9c.  Once again our astronomers will have good conditions to make observations.

Winds will generally be from the W to WSW and will be similar to yesterday in strength.  The average wind speed will be around 5mph with gusts in the afternoon reaching 20mph.

Today’s Summary.

Dry with bright spells.

Observations made at 06:16  hours in  Hammerwich, Staffordshire.

Air pressure : 1028.7mb; Temperature : 8.2c; Wind : 8.2c ; Relative humidity : 94%; Rain last 24 hours : 0mm.

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