Rain on the way.

After the bright and beautiful day yesterday today will be much more of dull affair.  A low pressure system out to the W-NW of us will bring increasing amounts of cloud and, eventually, rain to our area today.  This will reduce the bright spells but make temperatures overnight a degree or two warmer.  Life is full of compromises.

So for some detail.  Our top temperature today will be around 10c.  During the morning we will see the odd bright spell but there is also the chance of a small rogue shower around 08:00 in some, but not all parts, of our area.

As the day passes the cloud cover will increase and by mid evening we will see more generalised rain.  This rain will clear as the band of rain passes by late evening.  The cloud will then clear to leave a clear night.  The minimum temperature overnight will be 6c.

Another feature of the new low pressure system that is moving into our area is that is it made up of multiple systems.  This means that we will see an increase in wind speed as the day passes and over the week.

Today the wind will be blowing from the SW with an average speed of around 6mph.  Gusts will reach 18mph.  As the day passes (and particularly overnight) the wind speed will increase and it will be quite breezy by tomorrow morning.


Cloud increasing bringing rain.

Observations made at 06:28 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.

Air pressure : 1001.4mb, Temperature : 4.8c, Wind : 1mph SW, Relative humidity: 93%, Rain last 24 hours : 0mm.

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