Air pressure rising slowly.

The instrumentation is informing me that the dew point is within 0.5c of the actual air temperature, the relative humidity is at 97% and the wind is light.  This combination usually means that, like yesterday, we will are likely to see some early morning fog or mist in some parts of our area. (For definition purposes less than 200m visibility, when driving, is defined as fog).

The remainder of the daylight hours will see some bright spells through occasionally broken cloud.  This will help our top temperature up to around 12c.  Overnight the low will fall to around 5c.

During the mid part of the evening the cloud cover will increase and we may just catch the edge of a system of rain that will be moving across the SE of England and East Anglia.  Any rainfall would be short-lived and light.

The wind will also remain light today.  Whilst it will be very breezy out towards Ireland this system will not reach us today and we will receive a steady breeze from the S-SW for much of the day.  The average wind speed will be 3-4mph.  The good news is that the wind will feel warm.


Some early mist clearing to leave a partly cloudy day.

Observations made at 07:25 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.

Air pressure : 1013.6mb, Temperature : 7.8c, Wind : 2mph SSW, Relative humidity: 97%, Rain last 24 hours : 0.2mm.

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