A dull Tuesday.

After some light rain during the early hours we will start the working day with a breezy and drizzly journey.  The wind will be bringing some warm winds from the S once again today but, overall, it will be a grey and dull Tuesday.

From time to time some of the rain may increase to become more persistent.  This is more likely during the morning and early afternoon period.  During the late afternoon and early evening the rain will clear.

Our temperatures will again be around the 12c mark during the daytime and overnight the low will fall to around 6c.

The wind will be breezy with an average speed of around 7mph this morning.  Gusts could be around 20mph.  As stated earlier in this article the wind will be from a generally S direction.

I have been asked about the reports in some of the national press about this winter being the “coldest for 100 years”.   The truth of the matter is that no one knows whether this is true or not.  It is difficult to predict, with any certainty, the jet stream position in five days time. It is, however, impossible to forecast what weather the jet stream will be bringing in 60 or 90 days time. The one thing is for certain is that we will have some weather and, as we are in the winter season, it is likely to be cold.  Anything beyond that is a guess.


Mild but with outbreaks of drizzle and rain.

Observations made at 06:30 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.

Air pressure : 1002.8mb, Temperature : 11.8c, Wind : 6 mph S, Relative humidity: 95%, Rain last 24 hours : 0.4mm.

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