Hold on to your hat.

After yesterday’s heavy rain when 23.4mm fell in Hammerwich today will show little respite.  The rain yesterday led to the road under the railway bridge in Hall lane becoming flooded and cars, who unwisely attempted to pass through, became stranded.

A key feature as soon as you step out of the door today will be the strong S wind.  This will be a feature for the majority of the day.  Although the wind will bring mild air from the S it will be blowing at an average speed of around 12mph and gusts could be up to 40mph.

We will see plenty of cloud today and this will bring rain from the W.  Some of the rain could be heavy.  The heaviest of the rain being during the afternoon period.  We are, however, likely to see some showers before then.  Rain will continue to be a threat until the mid evening period.

Our top temperature today will be around 11.5c and overnight the low will fall to around 5c.


Wet and windy.

Observations made at 06:28 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.

Air pressure : 1007.8mb, Temperature : 10.6c, Wind : 12 mph S, Relative humidity: 90%, Rain last 24 hours : 23.4mm, Rain this month 40.6mm.

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