Chance of snow?

As we wake up this morning there is a generous covering of frost on the tops of cars and on the grass.  Care needs to be taken on untreated roads and paths.

Last night’s overnight temperature fell to the current low of -1.3c at 04:14 hours.  There is a chance that the air temperature may rise enough to reach positive figures during the day but I think it will be only just – a maximum of 1c.  Overnight the temperature will maintain a level around freezing point due to increased levels of cloud.

The wind will remain light today at around 3mph and initially from the NW moving anti-clockwise as the day passes to the SW.

The jet stream is creating a chance of some wintry showers late tonight and during the early parts of tomorrow. (See image below).  You will see from the image below that warm air (coloured blue and green) is coming across the atlantic (the left of the image) before running down the country.  Meanwhile a cold front, coloured purple, is currently sitting across the UK.  When these two fronts meet there is a probability of some wintry showers.

This meeting of the two systems will happen later tonight and will be indicated when the clouds begin to thicken. The GFS models are suggesting that the accumulation of snow by midday tomorrow could be around 2-3″, however, this is rather speculative at the moment as the impact of the two systems meeting is yet to be fully defined.  The critical area is how far the low pressure system to the E comes across the UK.  My advice would be to prepare for the worst and ensure that you have allowed enough to tomorrow morning without having to rush.


A cold day will the possibilities of wintry showers later this evening.

Observations made at 08:39  hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.

Air pressure : 1021.4mb, Temperature : -1.3c, Wind : calm, Relative humidity: 96%, Rain since 00:01 hours : 0.0mm, Rain this month : 4.6mm

Jet stream image


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