A gift from the East.

The jet stream is currently bringing cold air down across the NW and this will eventually allow the air pressure system to the E to create cold winds across the majority of the UK – our area included.

Early risers will note that the stars are very visible this morning and without any cloud blanket the outside temperature at around 06:30 hours was around -1c.  It will not increase from this level much all day.

The cloud cover will increase at times but we will also see some odd brighter spells too.  The cloud will bring around a 20% risk of rain but, for the majority, it will be a dry day.

Our top temperature will be around 1c but will little cloud and, by evening, an easterly breeze temperatures overnight will reach a minimum of -5c in the more remote parts of our area.

The wind will be light all day with the average wind speed only around 2-3mph.


Dry but cold.  Getting very cold overnight.

Observations made at 06:38  hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.

Air pressure : 1009.7mb, Temperature : -0.8c, Wind : calm, Relative humidity: 92%, Rain since 00:01 hours : 0.0mm, Rain this month : 11.4mm


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