More snow ahead?

As we wake up this  morning the sky is very grey and light snow is putting a cover of  snow “dust” on the car roof tops.

The satellite imagery shows that more snow is moving across our area from the SE corner of the UK.  This threat of more snow fall increases towards late morning and throughout the remainder of the day.  The current density images do not indicate that any snow fall would reach the levels we sustained in the area on friday.  The heaviest of the snow appears to be around late afternoon / early evening when we will see around 3mm of fall /hr.

It will remain a cold day with temperatures failing to reach positive figures for yet another day.  Our top temperature will be 0c and overnight the minimum will be -3c.

The wind will again be blowing from the cold NE-ENE and the average wind speed will be 5-6mph.  This will add a wind chill factor when you step outside.  Currently this wind chill factor is reducing the actual air temperature “feel”by a further 2 degrees (i.e. it feels like minus 2.2c).

A I said yesterday the rest of the week will remain very cold with wintry showers.


Cold with more wintry snow showers.

Observations made at 08:45 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.

Air pressure : 998.4mb, Temperature : -0.2c, Wind : 2 NE, Relative humidity: 93%, Rain since 00:01 hours : 0.0mm, Rain this month : 11.6mm

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1 Response to More snow ahead?

  1. GeeGee says:

    So many thanks for your updates, much more reliable than the BBC efforts!!

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