More sunshine?

Frost and cool temperatures will greet us when we step outside this morning.  The air temperatures reached a low of -2.5c early this morning.

When the sun rises and begins to warm the earth there is a chance of some mist this morning.  This mist will soon burn off as the morning passes.  At the moment the conditions for mist are only marginal and, therefore, it may only be seen in some localised patches around fields and water.

The cloud cover will be generally thin or completely fragmented and this will allow plenty of bright spells during the day.  This will help lift our top temperature up to around 7-8c.  Overnight the cloud will thicken from the E-ENE and this will help maintain overnight temperatures at around 0c.

During the morning we will be under the influence of a single air pressure system and this means that we will feel very little in the way of a breeze.  As the day passes two other high pressure systems move in from the NE and thes will increase the wind speed to around 4-5mph.  The wind by mid afternoon will be blowing from the E.


Generally dry and bright during daylight hours.

Observations made at 06:32 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.

Air pressure : 1019.8 mb, Temperature : 2.7c, Wind : 4 mph E, Relative humidity: 90%, Rain since 00:01 hours : 0mm, Rain this month : 45.8 mm Rain this year : 77.8 mm


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