Jet stream still bringing cold weather

The jet stream (see image below) continues to bring cold air from the N.  You will see that the image is showing that the jet stream is split in two.  The upper part of the jet stream is taking cold air from the N and then running down the E coast.  This is creating cold winds in our area from the ENE.

The south coast of the UK, however, is being reached by the lower “strand” of the jet stream split.  This will bring cloud and rain to the S coast.

In our area we are going to see another dry but cold day.  The relative humidity remains low (86%) despite a general cloud covering.  This indicates, along with air pressure reading of 1012mb, that the day will be dry.  The chance of any wintry showers is only around 10%.

We will also see some brighter spells as the clouds thin and, at times, fragment.  this afternoon the radar images suggest that the clouds will gather a little more and we will see less direct sunshine.

Overnight the clouds will clear leaving us with a clear night’s sky – good news for our astronomers.

Today’s top temperature will be around 5c and overnight the low will reach a minimum of around -3c.  Last night’s minimum temperature was -2.3c at 05:48 hours.

The wind today will be from the ENE with an average speed of 4mph.


Some bright spells but cloud increasing during the afternoon before dissipating overnight.  Remaining cold.

Observations made 08:15 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.

Air pressure : 1012.4mb ; Temperature : 0.4c; Wind : 2mph N; Relative humidity : 87%; Rain since 00:01 hours : 0mm; Rain this month : 34.2mm; Rain this year : 112.2mm

Jet stream image. 


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