Sunshine heralds the start of BST

As if completely on queue the sun is shining brightly this morning to herald in the start of British Summer Time.  Don’t rush outside, however, in your shorts or bikini as the air temperature is only 0.8c and there is a thick grass frost!

Overnight temperatures fell to -4.4c at 07:03 hours and this pattern of cold days and nights will continue until around the 9 April (see GFS Ensemble model below).

Today will remain generally bright with only thin cloud or fragmented cover for the majority of the day and night.  This will help lift temperatures up to a maximum of 5c.  Overnight the clear sky will allow the residual heat to dissipate and the minimum air temperature will reach -4c.  Once again we can expect grass frost tomorrow.

The winds will maintain their cold course from the ENE – NNE and will have an average speed of around 6mph.  It is now 16 days since we last had some milder winds from the W or SW.

The relative humidity reading is reducing all the time I am writing this blog and, therefore, we can expect another dry day.

A great day for wrapping up warm and getting out and about.


Bright spells but remaining cool.


Observations made 08:54 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.

Air pressure : 1015.5mb ; Temperature : 0.7c; Wind :2mph NNE; Relative humidity : 80%; Rain since 00:01 hours : 0mm; Rain this month : 34.4mm; Rain this year : 112.4mm

GFS Ensemble image (follow the thick red line to see the temperature trend). 

Net-weather GFS Ensemble graph

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