On your bike!

The jet stream is currently riding above the above the UK (see image) and this positioning is allowing the northern climate to dominate our area.  A single high pressure system above our area also means that winds will be light.  A day to polish off your walking boots or blow up your bike tyres and get outside!

The day will be a generally bright one with only light or no cloud to speak of.  this will allow temperatures to climb up to 14c.  After a frosty start, when temperatures reached a low 1.1c at 06:16 hours, this is a good temperature increase for this time of year.

The wind will be very light all day with an average speed of around 4-5mph.  The wind will be blowing from the SW.

Overnight, with the clear sky, we can expect another ground frost.  Those of you with young and tender plants outside need to protect them as we will see an overnight low of 2c.

It will also be a good night  for our astronomer friends you should have a clear night’s vision.


Bright spells and light winds – perfect!

Observations made 06:30 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.

Air pressure : 1034 mb ; Temperature : 2.9c; Wind : 1 mph SW ; Relative humidity : 92%; Rain since 00:01 hours : 0.0mm; Rain this month : 6.6mm; Rain this year : 119mm

Jet stream postion.



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