Father’s day weather

This morning we start off with some bright and sunny spells which are breaking through fragmented cloud cover.  Currently (08:45 hours) we have around 75% cloud cover which leaves a few “gaps” for the sun to break through.

Noticeably the wind speed will also  bereduced today.  The average wind speed will be around 6mph with gusts up to 18mph.  The wind direction will be from the S-SW.

There is a large band of rain moving across Cornwall today, however, the radar images suggest that this system either breaks up or gets pushed towards the W before reaching us.  This leaves us still with around a 20% chance of seeing a light shower during the afternoon.  The chances are, therefore, that our area will remain dry all day.

Our top temperature will be around 15c by mid afternoon and overnight the minimum temperature will reach around 9c.

The UV index at midday for our area is 5 which means that you will need to be aware that the sun could cause some damage unless you cover up or protect your skin.  The pollen count today is moderate.

Looking ahead (see image below) the temperature is set to steadily rise over the next couple of days before cooling for a week or so.  At the end of the month temperature are once again set to climb.


Bright spells through some general cloud cover.

Observations made at 08:45 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.

Air pressure : 1011.1 mb, Temperature : 13.5c, Relative humidity : 77%,  Wind : 3 mph SW, Rain this month : 13.4 mm, Rain this year : 204.8 mm

GFS Ensemble model showing temperature trends (follow the thick red line).

Net-weather GFS Ensemble graph

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