Champions trophy weather #ct13

Today, at Edgbaston, the world championship final for 50 over cricket is being played at Edgbaston, Birmingham.  England are in the final and are due to play India but will the weather allow any play?  The answer is possibly. It all depends on how well the ground staff can dry the pitch after the rain of yesterday and this morning (6.2mm).   The chances are it will be a delayed start and then additional rain during the day will hinder the progress.  There is also the desire on all parts to play the game as no play means the teams are declared joint winners.

Like yesterday our area and Edgbaston is  under the influence of a low pressure system until the latter parts of the afternoon.  After that a warm from will push in from the W and will bring milder and drier weather for the remainder of the day and for the next few days at least.

During the morning and for the majority of the afternoon,we are at the mercy of a large number of rain cloud systems.  It is most likely (98%) that we see more showers of rain during the morning and until the warm front arrives.  Some of the showers, like yesterday, could be heavy but short lived other could be more prolonged but light.

At the moment the radar images are showing a lot of rain cloud and some are passing over area during mid morning and around lunch time.  We can also expect further systems during the afternoon.

The wind will also remain breezy with the average speed around 12 mph and gusts will reach 25-28mph.  The wind be initially from the SW moving towards the WNW.

Our top temperature today will be 13-14c and overnight the minimum will reach 10c.


Breezy with more rain showers.

Observations made 09:07 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.

Air pressure : 1005.2mb, Temperature : 12.6c, Wind : 9 MPh SW, Relative humidity : 89%, Wind :  Rain today : 1.2mm, Rain this month : 26.2mm, Rain this year : 217.6mm

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