Better weather news

After yesterday’s rain (6.8mm) today will herald the start of a much more welcome weather pattern.  High air pressure is now dominant over our area and the barometer is rising rapidly. This can only bring better news!

We will still have a bit of a breezy and generally cloudy day, however, there will be some glimpses of the sun.  The radar images show that the clouds fragment a lot more today and, in particular, after tea time / early evening.

Our top temperature today will be around 16-17c and overnight the minimum will reach around 10c.

The wind will be breezy at times with the average speed around 8mph but gusts could reach around 15-20mph.  The wind will originate this morning from the SSW-SW but as the day passes it will move towards the WNW.

With cloud remaining there is always the chance of a rogue light shower, however, I would not put this chance any greater than 10%.  The majority of us will enjoy a dry day.

With the dry weather the pollen count will again rise and we can expect a High reading today.


Partly cloudy but generally dry.

Observations made 08:09 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.

Air pressure : 1020.8mb, Temperature : 11c, Wind : 2 MPh SSW, Relative humidity : 80%, Rain this month : 31.8mm, Rain this year : 223.2mm

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