Happy days.

The jet stream is now beginning to move towards the northern tip of the UK and this is allowing the warmer southern climate to dominate across our area.  As the jet stream is not running directly across our area there will also be less cloud.  The barometer is showing that the air pressure is rising rapidly.  All this together means we are in for a warm and dry spell.  Oh, happy days!

Our top temperature today will be around 24c and this also means the UV factor will be high at 6.  The recommendation at this factor level is to cover up and wear sunscreen.  As a consequence of the sun, heat will radiate from the earth’s surface and this will increase the pollen count.  We can expect the pollen count to be very high.

There is no risk of rain today although we will see some clouds from time to time.  These will mostly be fragmented to allow the sun to shine thorough.  Over night the sky will be clear enough at times for our astronomers to make some observations.  The night time minimum temperature will be 15c.

The wind will be light at around 3mph average and deriving from the SW.

Looking ahead I can see more of the same bright weather over the weekend.  Start making your outdoor plans!


A warm and bright day.

Observations made 07:22 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.

Air pressure : 1028.4mb, Temperature : 13.1c, Wind : 2 mph SW, Relative humidity : 86%, Rain this month : 2.6mm, Rain this year : 232.2mm

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