How long since it last rained?

Yesterday saw our area reach a maximum temperature of 27.4c at 15.54 hours and overnight the minimum temperature reached was 15.8c at 03:25 hours. I think we can safely say are in a warm spell!

Today will follow a similar pattern with the odd cloud and very warm sunshine. Our top temperature today will again be around 27c. Overnight the minimum temperature will be around 16c.

There is a complex high air pressure system to the north of us and Scotland and Northern England will see some increased wind speeds. In our area, however, the winds will be light and from the NW-WNW the average wind speed today will be 5mph.

Once again care needs to be taken today when working (or playing) outside. The UV factor is 6 and you will burn quickly in the heat of the sun unless you are covered up. The pollen count is forecast as high for today.

If you are in search of freezing temperatures you would need to reach an altitude of 3,800m before the thermometer hit 0c. This is hardly a practical solution.

It is now 14 days since we last received any rainfall in our area.

Another warm day.

Observations made 07:27 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire
Air pressure : 1024mb, Temperature : 18.7c, Wind : Calm, Relative humidity : 75%

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