Last day at school weather

Yesterday, in Hammerwich, the top temperature once again tipped oer the 30c mark when at 15:03 hours my weather station recorded an air temperature of 30.8c.

Today will be another warm and bright day, however, the jet stream is now forming a loop from the west over the top of Scotland before heading southwards and then off to the east. A bit like a giant skipping rope. This jet stream position is creating a complex air pressure system with multiple points of pressure as can be seen on any current isobar chart. To us this means that there is more likely to be a slight breeze around to help s keep matters a little cooler. The average wind speed today will be around 6mph and from the E-ENE.

Our top temperature today will be around 28c and overnight the minimum will reach around 15c. Last night’s low was 14.6c at 05:26 hours.

Today will remain dry and bright with just the occasional smattering of cloud.

The good news is that the weekend also looks st to be another warm and dry affair. Good news for all those breaking up from school and start their summer holidays.

Another dry and bright day.

Observations made 07:30 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.
Air pressure : 1026.4mb, Temperature : 20.1c, Wind : 2mph ENE,
Relative humidity : 69%, Rain this month : 2.6mm, Rain this year: 2322mm.

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