The good and the bad.

Light rain is falling as I write this blog and, after reviewing all of the radar images, it would appear that we will see plenty more spells of rain today. We certainly have seen the good and the bad weather wise this month.

I would not recommend today as being a day to leave out your washing as rain showers will be a constant threat.  We can expect intermittent showers right up until the early / mid evening and some of the showers have the potential to be heavy.  Currently the radar images are suggesting heavy rain in our area around 18:00 hours, however, the position can easily change with the wind direction and speed.

With the heavier cloud cover our top temperature will be lower than we have got used to at around 20c.  Overnight the minimum will reach around 16c.  (Last night’s minimum temperature was 15.2c at 03:40 hours).

The wind will have an average speed of around 8mph and the wind direction will generally be from the SW.

Looking ahead into the early parts of August shows that the jet stream maintains a position either below or directly across the UK.  This would suggest that we will have some more cloud and rain on some of the days.  I expect that these will be mixed in with some humid and warm days with top temperatures in the mid twenties.


Intermittent showers for much of the day.

Observations made 06:32 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.
Air pressure : 1013.3mb, Temperature : 15.4c, Wind : 3mph SSW, Relative humidity : 85%, Rain since 00:01 hours : 0.2mm, Rain this month : 75.2mm, rain this year : 304.8mm.

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