A Bright Bank Holiday?

Today will start off with a general covering of cloud and this cloud will stay with us until around 11:00 hours.  Thereon the cloud will begin to break up and thin and we will be left with a bright and pleasant afternoon.  A great bank Holiday for getting out and about.

Our top temperature today will be around 23c at 15:00 hours and overnight, with only thin clouds for protection, the minimum temperature will reach around 10-11c.

The wind will be light with an average speed of 4-5mph.  The wind direction will be from the NE-E.  The wind, when blowing, will bring a slight chill to the air if you are in the shade due to the direction it is coming from.  We can’t be too choosy, however, at this stage of the year!

With the bright spells and the thin cloud there is no risk of any rain falling today in our area to spoil activities.

Looking ahead the GFS ensemble model is suggesting a dip in the temperature at the end of August / the beginning of September before picking up again.  (See chart below).


Cloudy to start then becoming bright.

Observations made 08:33 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.
Air pressure : 1020.7mb, Temperature : 14.2c, Wind : 2mph NNE, Relative humidity : 85%, Rain since 00:01 hours : 0.0 mm, Rain this month : 51.2mm, Rain this year : 363.6mm.

GFS model showing average temperatures in the coming days.

Net-weather GFS Ensemble graph

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2 Responses to A Bright Bank Holiday?

  1. David Harper says:

    hi kevin your posts are coming to me very late for example i just received bright bank holiday today at 10pm is the problem with my email AOL?


    • kevinjones21 says:

      Hi David,

      I can see no reason why you receive the bulletin so late in the day. They are usually uploaded by no later than 07:30 weekdays and 08:30 weekends. Try unsubscribing and then resubscribe.

      Kevin Jones

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