One day international weather

The jet stream is today running down the UK from N to S and this will bring with it some cooler winds from the WNW.  It will also help create plenty of cloud and some precipitation during the day.

The chance of rain in our area is around 80% and the risk will last from mid afternoon and throughout the evening.  It is unlikely to rain throughout this period but the chance of a localised shower will remain high.  If you are going to the ODI cricket international at Edgbaston it is likely that play will be disrupted at some point.

With a general cloud covering our top temperature will also be reduced during the daylight hours to around 13-14c.  Overnight, however, the cloud will maintain the residual heat and we will only see the minimum temperature reduce by a degree or so.

The wind will be deriving from the WNW and the average speed will be around 6mph.


A cloudy and cool day with some scattered showers probable.

Observations made 06:35 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.
Air pressure : 1022.8mb, Temperature : 11c, Wind :  2 mph WNW , Relative humidity : 87%, Rain since 00:01 hours : 0.0 mm, Rain this month : 5.8 mm, Rain this year : 369.4mm.

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