Getting breezy – make preparations in the garden.

Today sees the start of our area receiving the impact of a low pressure system that is moving across the UK.  The effect of this low pressure system will be slight at first but the real effect will reach us late Sunday and Monday.  It is too early to predict exactly what will take place as the weather models are yet unsure of the path the system will take, however, the pressure charts are showing that the air pressure points of pressure are closely packed and this can only indicate stronger winds.  How strong is yet to be determined.  I can say, however, with some certainty that wind speeds will begin to increase from today and, therefore, it would be wise to make some preparations in the garden.

Any loose hanging baskets, tables and chairs and even tender plants or small pots should be moved to some shelter to reduce the risk of damage and the items falling.  This would be a good job to undertake this morning.  Remember also to ensure that all the greenhouse windows are closed and doors locked to prevent any wind damage.

Today will be an overall mild day with the breeze increasing in strength as the day passes.  From time to time during the afternoon we may see the odd fragmentation in the cloud base.  This fragmentation will allow for the odd brighter spell.  As darkness falls so will the risk of rain increase and from the period around 19:00 hours through to midnight the chance of seeing some rain is high.

Our top temperature today will be around 15c and overnight the thermometer will reach a minimum of around 10-11c.

The wind will start off this morning with an average speed of around 5mph but will increase as the day passes to an average speed of around 15mph. It is possible that we see gusts reach a top speed today of 40mph.  The wind will derive from the SW throughout the day.


Wind speed increasing as the day passes.  Rain this evening.

Observations made 08:18 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.
Air pressure : 1001.1mb, Temperature : 13.8c, Wind : 5 mph SW, Relative humidity : 87%, Rain this month : 85.4 mm, Rain this year : 473.8mm.

Lichfield weather, Burntwood weather, Hammerwich weather, Bloxwich weather, Brownhills weather and Pelsall weather.
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