Will the weather be as bad as 1987?

Windy day

Windy day

First of all can I just remind you that the clocks went back one hour overnight and the last connection to the summer (through BST) is now over.  The good news is that in less than two month’s time we will reach the winter solstice and the daylight hours will begin to increase again!

This morning starts off bright and breezy, however, a look a the barometer shows that the air pressure is low at 990.6mb.  The air pressure charts also show that the points of pressure across the UK are closely grouped and, therefore, the winds will remain and even strengthen a bit throughout today and tomorrow.

Our top temperature today will be around 14c and overnight the low will be around 11c.

The radar images are showing rain showers moving into our area mid afternoon.  More generalised rain will then reach our area later tonight and at least through the early parts of tomorrow morning.  The rainfall overnight will be moderate at around 3-4mm per hour.  I would also expect the journey to work to be in moderate rainfall on Monday.

The talk in all of the press is about storm force winds hitting the UK and being equal to that of 1987.  At present, in our area, this does not seem to be the case.  The winds will be strong throughout the day with the average speed around 11mph this morning with average gusts reaching 25mph.  The indications are that the winds will not be damaging.  Today the wind will be generally deriving from the SW.  Overnight and tomorrow we can expect gusts to reach around 35-40mph.    This is equal to Beaufort scale 7-8.  We many see some branches break and it will make life difficult to walk or cycle against but we should not expect any real structural damage.  It is wise to ensure, however, that all loose items in the garden are made secure as soon as possible.


A breezy day with rain later and overnight.

Observations made 08:24 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.
Air pressure :990.6 mb, Temperature : 10.7c, Wind : 17 mph SW, Relative humidity : 81%, Rain this month : 86.4 mm, Rain this year : 474.8mm.

Lichfield weather, Burntwood weather, Hammerwich weather, Bloxwich weather, Brownhills weather and Pelsall weather.
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