Normal service tomorrow……hopefully!

I was unable to log into the site this morning and reading the press it appears that wordpress have been under attack from someone trying to bring down the network using a pingback virus.

I am pleased to say however, that everything seems back to normal and I should be able to bring you a full bulletin tomorrow.  In the meantime the highlights of today were:-

A top temperature of 11.3c at 16:00 hours

A minimum temperature of 3.2c at 06:66 hours

The current temperature at 21:17 hours is 4.4c

The top air pressure was 1035.4mb at 01:22 hours

The minimum air pressure was 1031.3mb at 17:17 hours.


The day has been dry and at times bright.  Expect a cool night with some cloud and mist in the morning.

Observations made 06:33 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.

Air pressure : 1035mb rising, Temperature : 3.3c, Wind : 4mph NE, Relative humidity : 88%, Rain this month :  17mm, Rain this year : 156mm.

Lichfield weather, Burntwood weather, Hammerwich weather, Bloxwich weather, Brownhills weather, Pelsall weather and WS7 weather.
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