Jet stream creating low air pressure

The jet stream is now running across the southern parts of the UK and has formed a “loop” out towards the SW. This “loop” will help create a low air pressure system which, in turn, will bring unsettled and breezy weather to most parts of England. To the north of the UK it will be very cool.

Today will see us have a cool day with a top temperature of around 7c. The wind chill will, however, reduce the “feel” of the temperature by around 2c. Overnight it will be another “thick duvet” night (similar to last night) with a minimum of around 2.5c to 3c.

The radar images are showing some occasional breaks in the clouds that will bring some brighter spells, however, as we reach around 13:00 hours we can expect the risk of showers to increase. It is 90% likely that all parts of our area will see rain today.

The wind will be deriving from the WSW-SSW arc and, like yesterday, will be breezy at times. The average wind speed will be around 8mph but gusts could reach around 22mph.

A breezy and cool day with the risk of showers increasing.

Observations made 08:00 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire
Air pressure : 994.8mb; Temperature : 3.8c; Wind : 8mph SSW; Relative humidity : 86%.

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