Cool air today

The jet stream has now oscillated towards the north before heading back across the UK from the north- west. Intially this will help increase the cloud cover but, most of all, it will be cool and breezy. Our top daytime temperaturevwill be around 8c but this will feel more like 5c in the wind chill.

As the morning passes the cloud will become dense enough to bring us a few rain showers. This biggest risk of rain will be between noon and around 15:00 hours. Some of the showers could be “sharp”.

The wind today will be deriving from the W-WNW and will have an average speed of around 8mph. Some gusts, however, could reach around 28mph.

As the evening approaches (and then subsequently overnight) the cloud cover will deminish leaving us with a clear sky and low air temperatures. Last night the minimum temperature was 1.9c at around 04:00 hours. Tonight we can expect the minimum temperature to be around 0c. This may provide some icy conditions on the roads in the morning.

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