Shire Oak Academy – Governor vacancies

I have had the pleasure of being associated with Shire Oak School now Academy for many years and I know how much they have helped develop a positive future for so many people.  I have never used my blog for anything like this before but helping the Academy is something I feel passionate about.

I first became involved with the Academy around 17 years ago as a local employer providing some work place experience for a number Shire Oak pupils.  As the business I was involved in was based in Walsall Wood many of the staff were former pupils of the “Oak”.  It was our local school and I wanted us to play our part in the local community.

I was then offered the opportunity to expand my role and I have been part of the governing Body for the last 14 years or so.  I have enjoyed every minute and have seen the Academy develop greatly.  I would recommend being a school governor to anyone that wants to put something back into their local community.  There is no financial reward but sometimes some rewards are priceless.  Knowing that you have helped a child achieve their potential is one of those priceless measures.

Due to a number of retirements the Academy are now on the look out for a number of Partnership Governors to join the Governing Body.  I would urge all readers to consider this wonderful opportunity.

For more information follow this link (Shire Oak Governing Body Vacancies).




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