A change in the offing?

Over the next couple of days we will see a gradual reduction in the air temperature. For some this may be a welcome change for others it may be bad news.

The change will be created by the jet stream that, during today, will be moving down from the N and will pushing W to E across the UK. This will eventually bring an increase in cloud cover and may even bring the odd rain shower.

Dealing, however, with today. We can still expect today to be warm with a top temperature of 25-26c. The further east you travel the higher the temperature will be today. Overnight our minimum temperature will be around 12-13c.

We will see some cloud today with up to 35% coverage during daylight hours. The cloud from 21:00 hours and overnight will bring a 50% chance of some light rain.

The wind will be light and initially from the NW but this will move anti-clockwise as the day passes towards the W. The average wind speed will be around 5mph.

Warm but partly cloudy.

Observations made 07:08 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.

Air pressure : 1017.4mb ; Temperature : 16.9c; Relative humidity : 82% : Wind : calm

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