Make hay whilst the sun shines

It is another bright and sunny start that greets us this morning.  The wind is light from the SW and and the temperature is steadily rising after reaching an overnight low of 7.7c at 03:32 hours.  Not that many of us will have been out and about at that time of the morning!

The morning will see the best of the sunshine as  low pressure system, that will bring wide spread rain to England and Wales tomorrow, begins its journey through Ireland and towards the coast of Wales.  The low pressure system will help create more cloud cover this afternoon (from around 14:00 hours onward we can expect to have between 70-100% cloud coverage).  This cloud cover will bring with it a small threat of rain (around 20%) but overall it will be a dry during daylight hours.

As we pass into late evening and overnight the threat of rain increases and we are 90% certain of seeing some rain during tomorrow.  The current radar images suggest that the bank holiday could be predominantly cloudy with a high threat of rain.  The heaviest of the rain in the UK looks to be in Devon and Dorset.  Travelling around the region yesterday once again demonstrated how localised the rain  can be.  Near the NEC the rainfall at times was extremely heavy and yet in our patch we only had very light drizzle.

Today will see a temperature high of around 16c today and overnight, due to the cloud cover, the minimum temperature will be around 9c.

My advice is if you want to do some jobs outside or get out and about then today is going to be the far better option.

Summary. Bright start but cloud increasing as the day passes.

Observations made 07:45  hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.

Air pressure : 1018.6 mb , Temperature :9.3c, Wind: 3 mph SW, Relative humidity : 84%, Rain this month :  40.4mm, Rain this year : 436.6mm

Lichfield weather, Burntwood weather, Hammerwich weather, Bloxwich weather, Brownhills weather, Pelsall weather and WS7 weather.
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