Armistice day weather for Hammerwich, Lichfield, Burntwood, Brownhills, Bloxwich and Pelsall

The radar images are showing plenty of rain cloud clusters and the air pressure is currently (06:45 hours) falling slowly. The impact of these two situations for our area means that we have a high chance of seeing some rain and it is likely to be breezy at times.

The chance of rain ranges from around 60% during daylight hours to 80% after dark and in the early hours.

Any rain is likly to be light and though there are one or two heavily laden clouds showing on the radar images. Hopefully these will miss our area.

The good news is that the wind will be deriving from a ESE – S arc. The average wind speed will be around 8mph with gusts of around 20-24mph. This wind direction will bring with it some warm air. The daytime temperature will be steady around 10-11c. Overnight we will only see a slight reduction to around 8-9c.

A mild day with an increasing risk of some rain.


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