SSW breeze

As we discussed yesterday the UK is sitting under a complex low pressure system that is slowly moving down the towards the S as the day passes.  This complex system will create a stronger breeze than we encountered yesterday.

The breeze will have an average speed of around 8mph but we will see gusts of around 20-25 mph during the day.  The wind will derive for most of the day from the SSW-SSW.

In the main it will be a cloudy day although we may see the occasional brighter spell.  The clouds will bring a 30% risk of rain light rain this morning around 10:00 hours.  The radar images are showing some light rain clouds heading our way although they are most likely to blow by.  Later this afternoon a more significant band of rain will move across the country and the risk of rain late afternoon / early evening is around 80%.

It will be a cool day and the wind will make it feel even cooler.  The top thermometer temperature will be around 7c but this will feel more like 3-4c in the breeze.  Overnight the minimum temperature will be around 3c.

Summary : A breezy day with an increasing risk of rain during the afternoon.

Observations made 08:44 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.

Air pressure : 1008.9mb; Temperature : 5.1c; Wind : 6 mph SSW; Relative humidity : 85%; Rain this month : 12.4mm, Rain this year : 631.4mm

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