Jet stream sets the captain a question.

The air pressure is currently (08:35 hours) rising rapidly and it will peak during the day at around 1028mb.  Because of the increasing air pressure we will see a regular breeze during the day.  The average wind speed will be around 6-7mph.  The wind will be deriving predominantly from the W-WNW.

The jet stream is currently running (more or less) West to east across the UK.  Regular readers of this blog will know that this jet stream position means that we will see plenty of cloud.  Today will be no exception.  The cloud will be high to medium in height although it will fragment from time to time to allow some brighter spells to break through.

Our top temperature today will be around 12-13c and the overnight minimum temperature will be around 4-5c.

Despite the cloud cover the risk of any rain today is only around 15%.

If you are a cricket captain you have some additional weather conditions to consider today.

  • After Thursday’s rain how long have the covers been off and is the wicket still a little damp or green? The wind will dry the pitch out as the day passes but is there some advantage to bowling first?
  • With the unusual wind direction will this help one or more of bowlers to move the ball in the air if they bowl from a different end than usual?
  • Will the cloud cover help swing the ball?  The relative humidity will be low so the air will not be too dense.

If you are not sure what to do let me share the words of Doctor WG Grace with you.  When asked, as a cricket captain, how he decided whether to bat or bowl first.  (If I may paraphrase his view).   If the conditions are favourable I will always bat first.  If, however, I have any doubt about the conditions I will think long and hard before deciding to bat first.

Summary.  A dry day with variable amounts of cloud and a NW breeze.

Observations made 08:22 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.

Air pressure : 1022.2mb ; Temperature 10.7c; Relative humidity : 73%; Wind 5mph NW; Rain this month : 33.6mm; Rain this year : 162.6mm.

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